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My last time at the beach was three weeks ago already but I still have this sensation going on...

Weird thing summer. I wait every year for it to start with trepidation but then... Since TheGirl started the kindergarten two years ago and I started working some more again, well, the beginning of summer just gets me scared! 😱 
But let me explain better. I don't want to start sounding like a monster mum in this very first post (though that's what I am sometimes, no shame.)

Yes, I can be a real monster mum sometimes.

I am so lucky. I have an amazing family and a lovely 5 year old daughter who fills my life.
We are so lucky. We live in this nice place at the Adriatic sea and summer here is pretty long and hot. Summer here is beach, flip-flops and bikini every day. It's bike to the beach, friends and lots of sun every day. And eating out with friends more than ever.

But for a mum like me who never has enough time to do all the stuff, it also means having to modify all of my regular daily routines when the school is over. And it means staying with TheGirl all the time (minus one day a week when she's with her grandparents). So sweet but so challenging, if you're a mum you know what I mean.
Summer is the time I can do just 10% of work I would do otherwise. And after few weeks without my work, I just miss it because I need my work to stay sane.
Summer is the time I have to modify my workout routine because I don't have all those child free hours to schedule them in the morning, so I work out late in the evening most of the times and it's not really my perfect time.

But summer is also the time when time flies differently, maybe even faster but in that special summery warm way, it just feels so good. 
Summer is the time when I am forced to stop and just watch the waves on the sand or TheGirl's making lovely waves while drying in the sun. 

And at the end, just when I start getting used to all of it and learn to enjoy the summer rhythm of my life, suddenly it's almost over. 
I'd love to freeze those long days (well, freeze in THAT other sense, of course 😬) and continue in my flip-flops forever. When that summer vibe starts to fade away, I start missing it all so much! The sand, the sea, my girl free to have so much fun every day, ice-cream and going out with friends almost every day. It's a real struggle!

I'm happy to be back to my regular school-year life, to my mornings divided between work and workouts, but... I just can't wait to live those sunny days again with all that it takes next year.